In this blog, I’m going to share 2 ways you can monetize your YouTube channel. I have been making money on YouTube for the past 5 years and it feels awesome to have that additional stream of income. It doesn’t matter whether you earn $50 or $20,000. The only thing that matters is that you getting to make money out of something you enjoy. You have to know that your music is a service you are providing to the people and it makes sense to make money out of your music. So, let us get started by two strategies to monetize your YouTube channel.

1. YouTube Adsense

This is the most common and widely used platform for connecting the YouTubers, their audiences with powerful brands. Let me put this out there: I am signed to a MCN (Mutli Channel Network). It gives me features and benefits that I really enjoy. But when you first get started, you can use adsense directly through youtube. To get started, all you need to do is get your first 100 subscribers, sign up for Adsense and try to run ads on your videos.

It does require some time, some views before you actually start to make some money and trust me, any money is good money. So, this way you end up earning every single month from your videos. The only thing to keep in mind is that your content should be original if you’re going to try run ads on it. Your channel WILL get shut down if you try to run ads on content that isn’t yours. I have cover videos with more than 20,000 views, but since it was not my original content, I don’t play any ads on them and that’s what exactly what you have to do.

2. Sponsorship

The second way to monetize your channel is through sponsors. I am proudly sponsored by Amazon, Target and various other sponsors. This is something we cover in my course the Music Marketing Toolkit. It’s really simple to sign affiliate deals that allow you to sponsor your videos even if you don’t have a huge audience yet. Companies like Amazon, Target, iTunes, etc would LOVE to have someone talking about their products and they will pay you for it. I get paid for wearing things, write particular things in my description etc. This really is awesome and if I can do it, you can do it too!

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