So here’s a confession: even though I have a camera, I create the majority of my content using my iPhone 7 Plus.

This includes all my YouTube videos, my video content in the Music Biz Bootcamp and anything on my Facebook page.

It’s super convenient to shoot and edit high quality video and photos on your phone when you have the right set up.

One thing that really makes the difference is lighting though. Up until I got the Neewer Ring Light I had to shoot only in day light. But once I just bossed up and made the investment I never ever looked back.

I highly recommend this Iight if you’re a youtuber, blogger or online biz owner. It’s affordable and easy to take with you. Here are my 3 favorite thing about it:
1. It costs UNDER $150 ✅✅✅
2. This package includes the stand so you don’t need to purchase a tripod
3. It’s super easy to put away so you can literally set up a nice corner in your bedroom then put the light away

I would definitely recommend purchasing the smartphone converter that allows you to hook your phone up to the tripod too.

If you’re curious about how I film my YouTube videos with this lighting , click here to check out my free YouTube checklist. Use it every time you click upload to make the best of your YouTube channel.



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